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The Game

The premise is simple, it's heroes versus villains (with some neutrals thrown in for good measure). There are different types of powers, normals, techs, genetics, cosmics, supernatural and unknowns. Normals would be your street level characters and maybe even some scientists added as well. Techs are just that, characters that are based on technology and gadgets. Genetics are those that are either born with their powers or some event happens in their life and alters them in some way. Cosmics have otherwordly powers granted to them from the cosmos. Supernaturals are magic based, driven by the divine or powered by dark diabolical forces. And lastly, are the unknowns, those types of powers that just can't be classified, usually these are other dimensional powers.

The characters are represented in cards. On the cards, besides art, will have their name, level, life points, attack and defense values, whether they are melee or ranged and most important? Their special ability is listed. Not only are the characters represented in card form, but there are also event cards, and these? Can be a game changer. There are three types of event cards. First, equip cards, where you buff up one of your characters or nerf an opponent. There are also immediate cards which like their name, their event has immediate impact. And lastly, there are recurring events. These cards stay on the playing field until you remove them (or some other power or event removes them). Normally recurring cards are events that take place each turn.

Battle is pretty simple. Villains go first and play a villain. But there's a cost to each card, and it's the same as their level listed. You start the game with 10 resource tokens and you get another one at the start of EACH of your draw phases. Of course there are ways to make more resource tokens. You do damage to your opponents in a couple of ways, you either use your special attack (listed on the card) or normal attack. Normal attack is ATK numbers minus DEF numbers, the difference is the damage done to a character. That number is subtracted from their life points. When life points reach zero? That character is sent to the cemetery. So, what happens if there's an extremely powered character on your opponent's side? Well, you can gang up on it. Add up the ATK numbers of all those that can attack to do damage.

There is a limitation to attackers though with ranged combat. There are two rows of attackers. The front MELEE row and the back RANGED row. Yet there are actually three types of attackers, besides MELEE and RANGED, there are LIMITED RANGED. Those characters can be in the RANGED row and attack the MELEE row, or they can be in the MELEE row and attack BOTH rows. MELEE characters cannot attack ranged row characters if there is a blocker in the melee row. If there is NO blocker? They can do damage to the ranged row.

The object of the game is to knock out 20 of your opponent's characters.