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A Superhero & Supervillain Trading Card Game...and MORE!!!!

I've always had a love of comics and always dreamed of being a comic book artist. But I'm a realist, I knew I wasn't good enough to be a full fledged comic artist. But? I thought I was good enough I could do art for a 2 inch by 2 inch space on a trading card. I started dabbling in digital art back in 1999. Back then it was line art on paper, then I would scan it it and color it and put it in a template.


I had product and a game ready to go back in 2003. All I lacked was a packaging solution. Then? Life happened (I got sick and was hospitalized twice and my dad started to experience major health issues. LIfe didn't seem to let up, in a 10 year span, both my parents died, I got divorced, lost my job to name a few things). Life stablized, but it took 10 years. I started getting back into art in late 2014. Yes, I put my dreams on hold for a WHOLE decade. And wow, did things ever change when I came back. During that time print-on-demand services came about. Not only for card games, but also for doing comics. It is truly a golden age for the Indy creator.

Read more about the game, and even see some sample cards. The game pits heroes against villains, good vs evil. It's still a WIP, but should launch VERY soon.

Since coming back and doing art again, I've launched TWO art book. I've also done some collaboration interior art as well as a cover.